Commercial Service

Why choose us?

  • We can provide same-day estimates and priority service.

  • We supply necessary water. 

  • We are accustomed to corporate administrative practices. 

  • We place an emphasis on safety precautions, taping/bagging vulnerable areas such as electrical boxes, wearing high-vis clothing, and utilizing traffic cones to mark caution areas.

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Commercial Process

The journey begins when you request an estimate. We will obtain the necessary information such as address, material to be washed, number of buildings, etc. We will endeavor to give you a lightning-fast estimate using online images of the properties (and by calculating square footage in the case of surface cleaning such as concrete.) Then we will send you the estimate, or schedule an in-person estimate if we were not able to give an online one.
Should you choose to do business with us, we will provide and complete all requested paperwork and documentation. If applicable, we will ask you to inform residents of the property so that windows can be shut before we arrive.

Once it is time for service, we will arrive on time and get to work right away. We will inspect the job-site for any areas vulnerable to water or which may pose a hazard. Worn electrical boxes and other sensitive areas will be taped off. Water will be supplied by us if necessary (or if requested) and the pressure-washing will be completed to a high level of quality in a timely manner. 
Once the job has been inspected and approved by you or your representative, we will issue invoice(s) through any medium your company requests.

Further Considerations

We are experienced in cleaning commercial properties. We have serviced numerous apartment complexes throughout NW Ohio.

We practice empathy and compassion towards you and your residents, exercising caution around open windows and outdoor belongings. 

We are outfitted for speed and efficiency on large commercial projects. We pass the savings on to you. 


The Wright Pavilion in Grand Rapids OH, which we washed in 2018. 

Pressure Washing


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Debit/Credit cards accepted by phone at 419-262-1803. Checks accepted in person or by mail.