Pressure Washing

Trusted, Professional Gutter Cleaning for Defiance, Napoleon, and Ottawa Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.

Are your gutters over-flowing? Do you have trees growing along your roof? Are your downspouts backed-up? We can fix it! We perform all gutter cleaning services by hand, no blowers or other noisy equipment is used. Call us today to schedule your free estimate! Serving Defiance, Ottawa, Napoleon, Findlay, and the surrounding areas of Northwest Ohio.

What should I look for in a gutter-cleaning service?

  • Gutters Cleaned by Hand. Gutters often contain lots of debris. Some "gutter-cleaners" use leaf blowers or pressure-washers to blast debris out of the gutters, making a big mess of your home and lawn. Here at Brosneck Pressure Washing, we perform all gutter-cleanings by hand, keeping your home and lawn as clean as when we arrived. We are proud to provide this high-quality gutter cleaning service to Defiance Ohio, Ottawa Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

  • Insurance. Even the most skilled professional needs to have insurance, because accidents happen. Perhaps a ladder tips over, or perhaps a hose knocks over an expensive lawn ornament. These accidents are exceedingly rare, but they do happen, and the gutter-cleaning professional you hire should be insured in case they do. For your security, we carry $1 million in liability insurance. 

  • Downspout Cleaning. Clean gutters don't do any good if the downspouts are still clogged. At Brosneck Pressure Washing, we finish every gutter cleaning by checking the downspouts, ensuring they are free of debris. 

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