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Our Process

The journey begins when you request an estimate. We will obtain the necessary information such as address, material to be washed, etc. We will attempt to give you a fast estimate using online images of the property (and by calculating square footage in the case of surface cleaning such as concrete.) Then we will send you the estimate, or schedule an in-person estimate if we were not able to give an online one.
Once it is time for service, we will arrive on time and get to work right away. We will inspect the job-site for any areas vulnerable to water. Worn electrical boxes and other sensitive areas will be taped off. Water will be supplied by us if necessary (or if requested) and the pressure-washing will be completed to a high level of quality in a timely manner. 
Once the job has been inspected and approved by you or your representative, we will give you an invoice. Payment is accepted by mail, and we accept cash and checks in person.


Q: I have limited or no access to water. Can you still pressure-wash my home or property? 
A: Yes. We are capable of supplying water in any amount necessary. 

Q: I have vinyl siding and I don't want high-pressure to damage it. Can you wash it? 
A: Yes. We use an industry-standard technique known as "soft-washing" to very safely and effectively clean sensitive surfaces. The process involves using diluted chlorine to kill any surface microbes, algae, or other contaminates while making them easy to simply rinse away. The results of this process are far superior to traditional high-pressure washing. 

Q: What areas do you service?
A: Our service area for commercial service covers much of Ohio, Indiana, and southern Michigan.  Our residential service area covers Northwest Ohio including Wood, Williams, Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Putnam, western Lucas, and Hancock counties. We may still be able to provide service if you are outside this area, but an increased travel fee will apply.

Q: I am nervous about selecting a power washing service. Why should I trust Brosneck Pressure Washing?
A: Brosneck Pressure Washing has an extensive portfolio of our work available HERE. We have serviced numerous residential, commercial, and municipal clients such as the township of Grand Rapids Ohio, Maumee Valley Vending Company, The Paulding Library Association, and others. For your protection and peace of mind, Brosneck Pressure Washing is fully insured, and we are accredited by the BBB


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Debit/Credit cards accepted by phone at 419-262-1803. Checks accepted in person or by mail.